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Car Suspension Explained

How do you know when you have a problem with your cars suspension? Don’t know what the symptoms of a bad or failing suspension are? Page Contents ToggleHow do you know when you have a problem with your cars suspension? Don’t know what the symptoms of a bad or failing suspension are?Car Suspension PartsSprings:Shock Absorber:Struts:Anti-Roll BarsAnti-Roll Bar Link RodsBottom Suspension ArmTop Strut MountDarlington:Stockton:Other Blogs: First you need…

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Will My Punctured Tyre Repair?

Punctured Tyres Page Contents TogglePunctured TyresWill my punctured tyre Repair?Size of the damaged areaProcedure for repairing a punctured tyre in line with (BSAU159)Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10Step 11Step 12Why Can’t my Punctured Tyre be repaired if its outside the Minor AreaWhy Can’t My Punctured Runflat tyre be repaired?Legal Condition of the tyreOther Blogs: There is never a convenient time to get a puncture in Darlington or Stockton.  It could prevent you from getting to that important business meeting or stop you…

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Brakes, How they Work & Do I need to Change them

Understanding Your Brakes Page Contents ToggleUnderstanding Your BrakesBrake pads and how they work?How long do brake pads last?What factors can affect how long your brake pads last?Where do you drive?How much weight are you carrying?Types of brake padsNon-Asbestos OrganicLow-Metallic NAOSemi-MetallicCeramicHow many miles do you do?How can I tell my brake pads need replacing?Warning signs to change your brake padsWarning lightSqueaking NoiseA loud screechingVisual checkPulling to one sideBad vibrationsHow to make brake pads last longerShould I Change my Brake Discs at the same time?Brake Disc ThicknessWhat Can Happen If My Brake Discs are Below Minimum ThicknessMOT test & BrakesBrake FluidThe Auto Care GroupBrakes in Darlington @ Darlington Tyre & Auto Care 01325 488855 Brakes in Stockton @ Teesdale Tyre & Auto Care 01642 676667Other Blogs: The Brakes on your Car are often taken for granted but they are the biggest safety component on your vehicle. Without them you would be unable to stop your vehicle resulting…

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Tyre Warranty Procedure

Warranty Procedures Page Contents ToggleWarranty ProceduresNormal wearMaintenance and accidental damageTyre with worn treadHere are the steps you should follow:Get it CheckedThe Auto Care GroupDarlington:Stockton: Tyre Warranty procedures in line with the British Tyre Manufacturers Association for when you suspect you have a defective tyre: There are many factors that can (and indeed should) influence your tyre buying decision. For starters, how often you…

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