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Clutch Repair and Replacements

Over time, the repetitive action of using your clutch to change gears will cause wear and tyre resulting in a clutch replacement becoming necessary. The Auto Care Group offer free clutch checks at our sites in Stockton; Teesdale and Darlington to make sure your clutch is in full working order.

An increase in the wear of your clutch will occur even with normal usage:

Things to look out for include:

  • The revs climbing but with little increase in the speed of the vehicle
  • Complete loss of drive or acceleration as the clutch ‘slips’
  • Difficulty when changing gears
  • Grinding or rattling noise when changing gears
  • Banging noise when driving from a warn dual mass flywheel

For a free clutch check and quotation contact us today to get your vehicle booked in. Don’t forget our price promise too!