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Car Air Conditioning Recharge and Check

Regular Air Conditioning servicing is important for health and to maintain the system working effectively. Up to 15% of the refrigerant gas will be lost annually. You should always Service the vehicles air-conditioning units every 30,000 miles or two years to avoid costly repairs.

As part of our vehicle servicing at The Auto Care Group, we carry out a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system and will inform you when your vehicle is due an air con recharge.


Choose your nearest Auto Care Centre in either Stockton; Teesdale or Darlington to book your service online:

Why you should book your Air Conditioning recharge at the Tyre & Auto Care Group:

  • The refrigerant gas will be topped up to manufacturers’ recommended levels.
  • It will improve the hygiene and air quality and we may also recommend a cabin filter change if fitted, as it can become blocked with pollen.
  • A regular air duct clean helps remove the bacteria and fungi that can cause unpleasant odours.
  • Your air conditioning system uses a special gas to cool the air and help to control the temperature within the vehicle. It also cleans and dehumidifies the air so regular air con checks are essential for your health and comfort while driving.