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Wheel Alignment

Incorrect alignment and balancing can result in rapid irregular tyre wear, increased fuel consumption and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. At The Auto Care Group we provide a free wheel balance and offer a free tracking check with every tyre fitted using some of the most advanced wheel alignment and balancing equipment available.


Choose your nearest Auto Care Centre to book your Alignment online:

Choose your nearest Auto Care Centre in either Stockton; Teesdale or Darlington to book your Alignment online.

Our car servicing will visually inspect the condition of your tyres for signs of misalignment and report to you and we will also balance your front wheels.

Wheel Alignment Checks

The Auto Care Group provides a full four wheel alignment check to make sure that your tyres do not wear out prematurely.

We find that a large number of premature tyre removals are due to uneven tyre wear which is caused by misalignment. We recommend that your wheel alignment should be checked if you have recently had a hard impact with speed bumps, kerbs or other obstructions, suspension work carried out and also, as per tyre manufacturers recommendations, every time you have new tyres fitted.